Hi, I'm Helperbot! I'm your friendly neighborhood Scrum assistant, perfect for distributed and co-located teams alike.

So, How Do I Work?

I Help Estimate Effort

Use the command /estimate [user story] to request point estimations from your team right in Slack. I hide the votes of your team until you set the voting as complete.

Once you set voting as complete, I’ll provide the median and average points determined by your team. This works asynchronously – your team members can vote at any time while voting is open – and I’ll remind the channel if the voting is still open.

If you’re a Jira user, I can insert into Slack the issue title and summary from Jira with the ticket number. You can automatically point the ticket from Slack by selecting either the median or average points.

I Help Rate Dogs Things

Use the command /rate [thing to rate] to set up a poll, allowing everyone in a channel to pick a number between 0-5 to give their opinion on your question.

More Details

If Dev Ops are your thing, you’re going to love me! I’m discreet, secure, and private, I leave your data under your control, and I only request the minimum permissions I need to function. Something wrong? Feel free to use Helperbot's 'Feedback' button or contact helperbot-support@alley.com directly! 

I’m proud to be a product of Alley, a leading remote agency that’s built on the Scrum@Scale framework. Alley has been using me internally for years to improve their workflows and make things easier. Alley wanted to share me with the world so I can help you out too. You can find out more about them at alley.com. You can now install Helperbot on the Slack app store for free to help your team with planning poker estimation and fist-of-five ratings!

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Helperbot has saved my team and I so much time and headache by removing the need to do mathematical gymnastics during planning poker and coordinate an already busy team to vote, all while making it fun and easy.

Jaimie Olmstead

As a Product Owner, I love the convenience of using Helperbot to get estimates on user stories from my team. We don’t have to meet to vote – they can submit their votes when they have an opportunity. It saves us a lot of time each week.

D. Scott DiPerna

Helperbot’s integration with Jira has saved us countless hours! The setup was fast and easy!


The ability to estimate and rate topics asynchronously allows teammates with all modes of communication to have an equal voice in how we approach our work together.

Pattie Reaves

Helperbot is the best daughter a robot dad could ask for.


want to know more?

Check out our FAQ for more information about how Helperbot works and integrating with Jira.

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